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Benefits from Improving Your Landscape

Curb Appeal

One type of benefit that your improved landscape can give you is curb appeal. Curb appeal is the overall impression that is made on anyone looking at the house from the street. Most often the appeal is seen by neighbors those passing by. These people will admire your home and landscape and may become eager to start working in there yard. You may want to share with your neighbors how enjoyable working you landscape was and soon the whole block will begin to have an essance of curb appeal.

To me, examples of homes that have curb appeal might look like this:


Some examples of homes that could use landscape impovement to develope more curb appeal might look like this.


A good way to improve the look of your landscape is to have a strong sence of what you disire. I suggest driving though a neighborhood new to you and look for homes with appealing landscape design. Ask yourself if the landscape that you find intriquing is formal, meaning that there is a symetrical design, or is the landscape more natural and non symetrical. Also take note of the species of plants that are being used so that if you like the plant you can look for it in a nursury. It is important to concider what side of the house is in front of the plants you are looking at becasue of sun and shade conditions. Infromation on this can be found on the portion of my site called selecting. Knowing what you want to improve about your landscape is important before digging any holes. By taking note of landscapes that you like you can form a mental image of what shape you want your landscape project to take. It would also be a good idea to estimate cost of materials so that there will be no surprises to your buget.

Property Value

A second benefit that you can get from an improvment in your landscape is an increase in property value. Spending a small amount of money to make your landscape more beauitful will defenately make the house look better. An apprasial of the house with landscape renovations compared to that house before the landscape was improved will show to be a bigger difference than the money spent on the landscape. You should not be suprised if it seems your spending a lot of money on landscaping. It is suggested that at least 20 percent of the cost of a new house be spent on the landscaping. For example, if a new home cost 100,000 dollars than 20,000 dollars should be spent on the landscape.

Ourdoor Sanctuary

Besides a great view from the curb or having a site that enhances the value of your home, an improvment in your landscape will give you more enjoyable moments outdoors. You should be able to enjoy many activities in you landscape such as sports, grilling, talking, or put a hamic out between your favorite trees and make a peacful resting area. Perhaps adding a water feature will enhance your outdoor sanctuary by adding sound or attracting birds and butterflies.



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