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Selecting Plants Ideal for your conditions

Knowing the plants that you currently have in you landscape and having a good idea of the site conditions that you are growing in plays a big role in how well your landscape can preform. Each side of the house has its own microclimate.

South side of the house:

- recieves most sun exposure all year and is warmest in the winter

- shaded in the early morning and late evening hours

- protected from cold winds

- can be utilized for outdoor use in the spring and late autumn

- provides the longest growing season

- good area for fragile plants from more southernly climates

East side of the house:

- described as being the most moderate zone

- sunny in the morning and shady in the afternoon

- provides the most wind protection

- enjoyable conditions in the morning and afternoon

- utilize this area by using plants that require periods of both sun and shade

North side of the house:

- this zone is coldest, shadiest, and dampest all year

- receives little or no sun throughout the year/ early morning and late evening sun in summer

- direct exposure to cold prevailing winds

- utilization of outdoor living only in the summer months

- this is a good zone for plants that require much shade and that are tolerant to northernly conditions

West side of the house:

- recieves morning shade but has afternoon sun

- this zone receives the most wind all year

- very hot and dryest area during the summer

- shade should be provided if there are going to be outdoor activity here



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